Introducing The Smart Person's Guide to Basic Cooking Skills

The Smart Person's Guide to Basic Cooking Skills is a 12-part self-study cooking course that teaches you the basic skills you need to be successful in the kitchen.  

  • The Smart Person's Guide to Basic Cooking Skills

    is a 12-part self-study cooking course that teaches you basic cooking skills - delivered right to your inbox.

  • Self-study course allows you to move at your own pace

    I know you're busy. Because lessons are delivered to you weekly, you don't have to move on until YOU feel ready.

  • Not the same old boring cooking classes you've taken before

    Stories written just for you make the lessons fun. It doesn't feel like you're learning, because you're entertained.

  • Cooking will now be fun and exciting for you and your family

    You'll be excited to cook, because you'll finally understand how to do things the right way. You'll love getting your family involved, too.

  • You'll save more money by cooking at home

    It's proven that cooking from home is cheaper than eating out. If you cook at home, you'll save money, and that starts with solid skills.

  • Lessons Delivered Weekly Right to Your Inbox

    Each week you’ll get a lesson that teaches you a cooking skill along with recipes designed to give you hands-on experience.

  • Freedom to Cook What You Want, When You Want

    No more picking recipes based on your skill level, or because you don't know how to do something.

  • No more embarrassment in the kitchen

    You'll have the confidence to cook basic meals, because you've mastered the skills you need to be successful.

  • You can finally take pride in your cooking

    You'll be proud of the food you put on your plate. Get your camera ready for that Instagram post.

  • 28% of Americans don't know how to cook

    In a 2011 survey, 28% of Americans said they don't cook because they don't know how. Don't be part of this statistic. You can learn!

Cook What You Want, When You Want

Have the freedom to stop buying expensive, processed, pre-made meals full of preservatives and chemicals. 

The smart person's guide to basic cooking skills

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  • Your movie analogies cracks me up and it is a great way start the lesson. Every nerd will appreciate this detail. I think your information is very clear and concise without being over the top or wordy."
    - Kathryn T.
The Smart People's Guide to Basic Cooking Skills is Free

Frequently Asked Questions

Who's Behind The Smart Person's Guide to Basic Cooking Skills?


I'm Crystal Sykes, the founder, recipe creator, and chief content creator of Simply Playful Fare.  

I've been cooking and creating recipes for over 20 years.  

Let my cooking mistakes, recipe flops, hands-on experience, and self-taught skills be to your advantage with my 12-part cooking course!  You'll learn what you need to know in half the time (or less!), because you won't have to learn the hard way - like I did. 

Is this course too advanced for me?

No!  This course is designed to teach you the basic cooking skills that you will need to successfully cook most recipes, such as knife skills, how to peel vegetables, how to steam vegetables, how to cook a chicken breast, how to trim and prepare meat, and how to hard-boil eggs.  

Is this course too basic for me?

Even if you already feel confident in your skills, you can still learn a few new tricks, such as how to chiffonade herbs, the best way to dice an onion, how to peel and chop fresh garlic, how to saute, how to caramelize onions, and how to properly pit an avocado like a pro chef. 

Will this course be worth my time?

Yes!  Each lesson is informative and entertaining.  You'll build a solid base of strong skills while having fun.  

Will I really learn anything from this course?

Of course!  Each lesson comes with recipes picked specifically for that lesson, so you can get hands-on experience practicing the skills.  The more you practice, the faster you'll master the skills.

How good are these recipes, really?

I've hand-picked recipes from Simply Playful Fare just for you, because they incorporate the exact skill you're learning.  The recipes I've picked are also some of my favorite recipes that I've created over the years. 

  • On the chopping onions section - I found this section particularly helpful. I imagine this technique requires less mess and less waste. "
    - Kathryn T.

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The smart person's guide to basic cooking skills

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